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Hello! I am a third year law student. This summer I am interning at International Bridges to Justice, a legal non-profit in Geneva. In the Fall, I will be interning for Judge Pocar at the ICTY in The Hague.
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Quarry Road

The Quarry Road hike is an easy one. It’s only five miles with a half mile incline.  It’s located in the Auburn State Recreation Area.  There are tons of trailheads in that area with various levels of difficulty. We hiked alongside the river for about 2 miles. Beginning our hike with the group. The quarry […]

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Migrating Bald Eagles Hike

In an effort to keep healthy with minimal effort, I signed up for several hiking Meetup groups in Sacramento.  Meetup groups are organized by people with common interests.  There are meetup groups for practically everything out there.  Check it out here. I’ve gone on three hikes with them and will attempt to document those hikes […]

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BarBri Discounts

Hello! I apologize for not blogging about my experiences in The Hague. The work was held in strict confidence and I preferred to err on the side of caution when it came to publicly posting about my experiences. I am now back at McGeorge in Sacramento and gearing up to finish my last semester and […]

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The Hague

I apologize for not updating more regularly. I finished up my internship with IBJ in Geneva and moved to The Hague last Sunday. Here are a few photos from my first weekend in The Hague. The farmer’s market in The Hague is the largest in The Netherlands…possibly all of Europe.     Dinner at a […]

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Life in Geneva

While most of my adventures in Switzerland have required a trip by train, there are also so many things to do around Geneva.  During Bastille Day, my little town of Ferney-Voltaire put on a celebration with fireworks. They even reconstructed Voltaire’s voice to read a short passage before the fireworks. My coworkers and I after […]

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Ideas Worth Spreading

The founder of IBJ, and my boss, Karen Tse, recently gave a talk at the TED conference in Zurich. TED is a nonprofit dedicated to “ideas worth spreading.” TEDTalks cover science, arts, politics, global issues, architecture, music and more. Speakers come from a wide variety of communities and disciplines each with an important, vital idea to share. […]

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Email Etiquette: Technical Aspects

A question I’ve struggled with the most since entering law school (among many) is how to properly email people.  Learning how to draft an email is one of the most important skills a law student can develop. First, we will tackle the technical aspects. 1.  Have a professional email address Avoid email addresses that are […]

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Inspiring People: Sheryl Sandberg

My friend Ashlee was the president of the Women’s Law Society at Southwestern Law School.  We often talk about our post grad plans.  At some point, our conversations always wander towards the topic of balance.  We talk about what it means to “balance personal success and personal fulfillment.” We’ve both been blessed to have women […]

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Profile: Christina Leb, Ph.D. Candidate in International Water Law

Before I left for Geneva, Professor Schlemmer-Schulte gave me a list of contacts she knew in Geneva.  The contacts are all lawyers employed in different areas throughout Geneva.  I have been arranging lunch and coffee dates with all of them to hear more about their career pathways. My first lunch date was with Christina Leb.  […]

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Switzerland and Disneyland

My co-workers and I joke that Switzerland is like Disneyland because the prices are inflated and there’s the Matterhorn.  My roommate and I spent the weekend hiking in Zermatt, which is famous for the Matterhorn. My roommate and I didn’t understand the appeal of the Matterhorn. But that didn’t stop us from taking dozens of […]

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