Student Report – SB 1058: Writ of habeas corpus. Senator Mark Leno.


SB 1058: Writ of habeas corpus. Senator Mark Leno. This bill would create the ability for inmates to get a new hearing if the expert testimony used to convict them becomes discredited. With the California Innocence Project, which advocates on behalf of inmates, students crafted a bill that would reverse a state Supreme Court ruling in 2013.. The bill received coverage in the Washington Post.  Enrolled and presented to the Governor on August 20, 2014.

Students: Sosan Madanat

Bill Sponsor: California Innocence Project, Northern California Innocence Project

Student Report

Signed by Governor Brown on 9/27/2014.

For more information, contact: Sosan Madanat

View the bill in California Legislative Information.

California’s Senate has approved an important new forensics bill
The Washington Post
April 11, 2014


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